4 de junio de 2011


Hola! Les dejo en esta ocasión dos cosas mías: un dibujo que hice sobre los X-MEN, y el otro, es un boceto muy viejo (pero que quiero mucho) de Wolverine.
Como siempre, espero les guste, y  pueden dejar sus comentarios o críticas abajo.

English - Hello! I leave on this occasion two things about me: a drawing I did on the X-Men, and the other is a sketch very old (but I want a lot) of Wolverine. As always, I hope you enjoy and can leave their comments and criticisms below.

Italiano - Ciao! Lascio in questa occasione due cose su di me: un disegno che ho fatto in X-Men, e l'altro è un disegno molto vecchio (ma voglio un sacco) di Wolverine. Come sempre, spero che vi piaccia e possono lasciare i propri commenti e critiche qui sotto.

Francais - Bonjour! Je laisse à cette occasion deux choses à mon sujet: un dessin que j'ai fait sur les X-Men, et l'autre est une esquisse très vieux (mais je veux beaucoup) de Wolverine. Comme toujours, je vous souhaite une bonne et peuvent laisser leurs commentaires et critiques ci-dessous.

Alberto Di Francisco



2 comentarios:

bobtomas™ dijo...

Very interesting! Your ink technique is fantastic.

Alberto Di Francisco dijo...

Thank you very much, Bobtomas!!
The truth is that the passage of ink, is self-taught, and if I learned anything, it is looking for people who know much, and try to copy their techniques. Sometimes I make mistakes that ruin the image (haha) because they always do it from my imagination, I do not like to copy the pictures.
Thank you for viewing the blog, and I'm glad you like these humble things.
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